I am a huge fan of the Owl City album "Ocean Eyes". It's a very serene album with some nice songs that, while some may be a bit saccharine, are all still good. The songs "Cave In", "The Bird and the Worm", and "The Saltwater Room" (going out of order from the album ^^;) in particular are like a callback to late teen years, when you would rather be elsewhere than your classroom, and when you had a girlfriend who you wanted nothing else but to just be alone with them. "Hello Seattle" for some reason sounds almost like a conscious stream of thought to me written to involve Seattle. "Umbrella Beach", while I may not be to big a fan of it, is still good, with it's subject matter involving a hermit living by the sea. "Dental Care" is a sprightly song about good dental hygiene; a good song to play for your kids to remind them to keep their teeth in good health. "Meteor Shower" has been said to be about Adam Young and his Christian faith. I like the song more for it's instrumentals, which remind me of a rainy day. "On The Wing", while it tends to drag a slight, is good, and is almost like someone's dream of a nostalgic weekend between them and their girlfriend. "Fireflies" is, to me, the best song on the whole album. Hey, it was good enough to place the charts, so it's doing something right. The song is about an insomniac's apparent interaction with fireflies. "The Tip of the Iceberg" is a song about winter. Not anything specific, just winter in general, with maybe some romance thrown into the mix. And that's okay. "Vanilla Twilight" is, from what I heard, about a girlfriend who was killed in a car accident, and Young's love letter to her. I don't know how much of that is true, but I do like it; it specifically reminds me of my own romantic experiences, and therefore, it fills me with nostalgia. "Tidal Wave" is a song that has several camps with it. Some believe it to be about a car accident that Young experienced, some believe it's about Young and him being a born-again Christian, and some believe it's about both. To me, it sounds like a song about two similar individuals and them singing about their lives. The song also has something really good going for it; Matthew Thiessen of Relient K provides his own vocals for the song alongside Young, making for a beautiful song. All in all, Ocean Eyes is a beautiful album from a great musician. It's such a shame that Rolling Stone magazine gave it such a poor review; they need to step down off their high horse and learn to appreciate something new.