Remember these okay. 

You'll be okay

Remember to Do these

Hey Aniju, remember to draw Hallen for Hallen because he needs to be loved.

Hey Aniju, remember to smile okay

Hey Aniju, remember to take care of Morgan because they are the best person in your life right now and you need them. (They need you)

Hey Aniju, remember it's okay (Everything will be okay)

Remember Pandora is scared too, please don't hurt her because you're angry

Hey Aniju, remember why you lived

Remember Virgil will be back soon, he'll know what to do

Aniju, remember that I love you

Remember it's okay to cry (Hold on to the pain, it proves you're alive)

Hey Aniju, remember that Hush and Collins will be that little peice of Ash you get to keep. Love them like you would have loved him. They will never leave you. 

Remember you do still have friends, remember magic is real  

Hey draw for Morgan Chulia with Dante (DONE!)

Aniju, draw I'll never do it again but I keep giving in.

Hey Aniju, attempt at drawing Aniju and Necro at the waterfall.   I did it! :D

Draw those little comics you wanted to show to Ash. They are for you now. Make youself happy first. (You deserve to be happy.) Maybe those will make you happy too.

You are a creep and a weirdo, you are unstable and just not right and that's okay. You are special. (Wear your pain as a shield)

Remeber that Errantmachine is okay. He wasn't one of them. (he's cool)

Aniju remember to listen to this .  (If you are not happy, Then it will never be enough)

Ash is a luxury you have to live without, but Morgan in a necessity. (but I don't want to)

Aniju, maybe it's not too late for Ash (keep trying) 

Celebrate your small victories (You can do it) 

Ash needs you. Draw Trivial and Hallen with the stick. (It's your favorite one)

Let yourself be happy but remember to feel emotions, they make you good. 

Name a breed of  klamitjies Klanutjies because of Ash (klannnuttjiesss) I shall call them Knutty with a K

Parent Void Homework: Mindful Thinking, Positive List, Positive Self Talk

Things that make me laugh

The funnies. 



Even the ketchup Mocks me

August 17 - I found that Ketchup bottle that mocked me when I when to eat with my parents. I took this on that day that this all started, which was on August 17. I know because I saved the message Cryan sent me. But that doesn’t matter know so take that mocking ketchup! 

September 9 Bad day

Octoberish feeling better. Tried to do better. Tried to move on. 

Around Davey's birthday everything sucked. :c Then everything was okayish and fun, but there were underlining things that were plaguing my mind. 

December 1 relaps 

December 2 Good day

December 10-11 bad days

December 13: horrible day Mark was dying

December 16: Shitty day Mark had a stroke. I learned that no one cares...