Stories from Tea told on Streams.

so i will start with part one. It starts not off with Nahrsept but of a man running away from a shadow into a dark alleyway

the man finally runs himself into the end of the alleyway, trapping himself with the shadow. The man begs for his life by offering gold and such for it to leave him alone

the shadow doesn't take the bribe and kills him with a sythe. The shadow turns out to be Cletus the reluctant bodygaurd/assassin for the king. Cletus drags the body throughout the city to Nahrsept's castle.

Nahrsept gets peeved and brutitally beats Cletus, before sending him away to the caverns that run under the city, where decaying bodies go.

Cletus waits there till he is summoned by Nahrsept. They both set out in a carriage towards an area with a large platform

Once there both of them leave the carriage, Cletus transforming into a bird to watch from a far as Nahrsept comes onto the platform where a hanging is to take place

Nahrsept tells of all the crimes the person has supposively done and then the poor man is hung. As the man hangs, cletus notices a cloaked figure that flees the scene. Before Cletus can follow though, Nahrsept calls for him and they leave

Adoptables things

potoo bird, basking shark, goblin shark, shrek fish, flannel moth, markhor goat, saiga, platybelodon, masiakasaurus, pacman frog, african rain frog.  crow quill nib, watermelon, lamp shade, pinecone, scissors, paper lantern, slinky, anvil, oni mask, ssamurai helmet, hawaiian jade vine..